ThinForms Enterprise – for Oracle Forms + EBS


The ThinForms Enterprise Chrome Extension allows you to run Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS Applets & Applications, as well as Oracle Discoverer directly from Google Chrome on Windows, OSX and Linux, or from Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

Simply open your Oracle Forms URL, or use Oracle EBS in your favourite browser, and this extension will do the rest. No need for Internet Explorer!

In order for this extension to work, you will need to have 2 components installed:
1) ThinForms Enterprise Chrome Extension (this extension)
2) The ThinForms Java Host Application, available here:

Once installed, simply open your Oracle Forms/EBS application URL in Chrome, and ThinForms will automatically scan for and start Oracle Applets.

NOTE: This is a TRIAL version. You can run this free trial version for 60 days.

In order to acquire a full Enterprise License (with optional Support Agreement) for ThinForms, please visit our website at or contact us at [email protected]

If you have already acquired a license key from us, simply enter the key when prompted during the (2) ThinForms Java Host installation process.

Please find our terms and conditions on our website:

Please note: The ThinForms Extension is a 3rd party product.

ThinForms Enterprise – for Oracle Forms + EBS
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