Toontown Rewritten Invasion Notifier



– Desktop notifications when invasions start and end
– Notifications are visible from any program you’re using (make sure Toontown is NOT in full screen mode)
– Pin invasions to the top of the list for quick checking
– Filter notifications by the cogs you want
– View all invasions going on in TTR
– Easily identify the type of cog invading by its picture
– Tracks how many cogs are left in an invasion
– Gives a rough estimate of how much time is left
– Ability to disable notifications
– Ability to change how often invasions are updated

Also available for Firefox!


1.3.2 – Added a way to have an overlay (very beta, look at the Settings tab). Fixed a bug with the filter. Added filter option for v2 and Skelecogs of any type.
1.3.0 – Improved time prediction algorithm. Added the ability to pin invasions to the top of the list for quick checking. Improved font readability.
1.2.5 – Added hour indicator. Changed invasion list to be sorted by time remaining.
1.2.2 – Added more tweaks for outages.
1.2.1 – Added more fixes during API outages.
1.2.0 – Hopefully made the tracker more reliable during API outages.
1.1.2 – Fixed bug causing invasions to end late. Added indicator when the API is down.
1.1.1 – Quick update to fix the image for a Two-Face.
1.1.0 – Changed the look and improved the ETA. Added a link to copy invasions to the clipboard.
1.0.6 – Added cog filter for notifications.
1.0.5 – Fixed issue with some cog names. Added rough ETA on when invasion will end.
1.0.4 – Changed look and add optional notification sound.
1.0.3 – Embiggened the font sizes to make everything more readable. Added total cog count to interface.
1.0.2 – Made the popup reload automatically
1.0 – Initial release

Toontown Rewritten Invasion Notifier
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