Top 10 VPN Chrome Extension 2021

In this post, we’ll talk about the best VPN extensions for Google Chrome. It should be noted that some of the solutions presented will work for other browsers as well.

What is VPN

VPN is a technology that creates another, more secure connection on top of one connection. In this case, protection is provided precisely by closing access from the outside using encryption tools. As a result, the user’s IP-address changes, and he practically leaves no “traces” anywhere.

What is this service for?

VPN is needed in different situations, and here are some of them:

  • Protection on public and unsecured Wi-Fi networks – in cafes, restaurants, and more.
  • Bypassing certain legal or geographic restrictions in a country.
  • Anonymous work on the Internet.
  • Data protection of the corporate environment when working remotely.
  • Using a secure channel to exclude hacker attacks.

The general goal is the same everywhere – to protect your own or corporate confidential data from their transfer to third parties.

Best VPNs for Chrome

You don’t need to have any professional skills to install a VPN. Especially if you have a Google Chrome browser. It is enough to go to the online store and download the desired extension. But how do you determine which extensions are good and which are not? We present a ranking of the best offers.

Nucleus VPN

Nucleus VPN is a tool that changes your IP address bypassing your traffic through a VPN.

By changing your IP address, you can improve your privacy, bypass government restrictions, or access resources that don’t allow you to access them with your IP address.

The extension is free and unlimited. We have no premium or paid options at all.


  • Free and unlimited
  • Choose the country you need
  • Fast and reliable connection

Unlike many VPN companies, we don’t track your browsing history or sell any data to ad companies.


Browsec VPN is popular precisely because of its high-quality protection, but high-level confidentiality is provided only in the paid profile. In the free version, the stability of the connection and the data exchange speed are not optimal. The plugin is used by many, and only 4 servers are provided for free in it, on which there is a huge load. Due to this, sometimes failures may occur when loading pages.

Hotspot Shield Free

Hotspot Shield Free for Chrome doesn’t just hide your IP address, it also keeps your data completely private. The extension effectively blocks all types of telemetry, but only on a paid basis. In the free version, the functionality is limited, but it is enough for safe surfing the Internet. The service guarantees a stable Internet connection at a fairly high speed. Only a server in the USA is provided free of charge, the rest are subject to a subscription.


VPN server registered in Canada. The extension has about 100 servers available in different countries of the world. Limitations for the free version: 10 GB of traffic per month, 8 servers in different countries, and 1 device for connection. The extension blocks all information about your location and carefully hides your IP address.

Hola VPN Proxy Unblocker

Easy to use VPN extension. Despite the fact that the interface is not Russified, it is not difficult to disassemble it. Just click on the icon to launch privacy mode. There are restrictions on the time of use, which can be removed only after a paid subscription.

friGate Light

friGate Light can be considered an improved version of Browsec. This is more of a proxy server than a VPN for Chrome. It’s easy to use: just click on the extension’s icon to launch it. No extra menu or pop-up tab.

Touch VPN

The advantage of this extension is that even with the protection enabled, the speed remains high and the connection is stable. As soon as the extension is downloaded and installed, the VPN is automatically activated. All other functions can be enabled in the menu – ad blocking, cookie blocking, and so on. There are no restrictions on functionality – neither by the number of servers nor by the volume of traffic. The plugin consumes a small amount of memory, so it works great even on weak PCs.


Provides good speed, reliable protection, complete anonymity, does not imply any traffic restrictions, which is great for watching streams, downloading torrents, and just surfing the Web.


It is one of the few free services that allow you to transfer an unlimited amount of data per month for free. Allows you to use Chrome anonymously and securely without worrying about the amount of traffic.

Free service with no ads and no bandwidth restrictions. Its security features ensure your anonymity and protection of your Internet experience while using Google Chrome. You can choose one of 3 servers or automatically connect to the fastest. The extension doesn’t offer encryption like other free VPNs for desktops, but it masks your IP address by allowing you to visit sites and watch broadcasts of streaming services of other countries from Russia.


There are plenty of reasons to use VPNs, and they’re not limited to bypassing blocking. They should be considered as a kind of additional means to ensure the safety of confidential user data. Focus on quality extensions that offer reliable protection when choosing.


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