Torn Tools


Bigger Features:
– Quick Market
– Achievements
– Trade Calculator
– City Items
– Mission Reward values
– Racing Upgrade values
– Detailed Networth
– Target List
– Casino scripts
– Travel Destinations (Travel HUB)
– NPC Loot times (+notifications)
– Chat Highlighting
– Stock price notifications
– Custom Links

Smaller Features:
– Friendly Fire
– Shop profits
– Disable Gym
– Effective Battle Stats
– Item values
– Travel profits
– API helper
– OC finish times
– Simplified Armory
– Modified Profile headings

Quick Market: check prices of items from the small extension window at top-right
Achievements: keep track of your Achievements at the left-side menu bar in Torn
Trade Calculator: auto-calculate the worth of Items when trading with someone
City Items: show items in city & the total value of the items
Mission Reward Values: show mission reward values (most important: $/credit)
Racing upgrade values: show the exact values of racing upgrades to find the best upgrade
Detailed Networth: show actual current networth on home page with details comparing networth to latest one
Target list: Show attack history on Settings page and individually on Profile page
Casino scripts: Scripts for Blackjack and HiLo that give suggestions on what action to take
Travel Destinations: Show a table of travel destinations with the most profitable flights on Travel Agency page
NPC Loot times: Show when the next level of a NPC becomes available
Chat Highlighting: Setup different colors for usernames and highlight messages where You are mentioned
Stock price notifications: Set pricepoints for stocks to recieve alerts
Custom Links: Setup custom areas/links in the navigation panel

Friendly Fire: get a warning when you are on an ally faction player’s profile (you have to add allies manually in settings)
Shop profits: Show item profits in shops (profit compared to market value)
Disable Gym: Option to disable Gym train buttons to avoid accidental training
Effective Battle Stats: Show effective battle stats on Home page (if Doctorn is not installed)
Item values: Display values for single items and the whole stack in inventory
Travel profits: Show profits for items when in travel market
API helper: Auto-fill API key on and set all responses to “pretty”
OC finish times: Show the date and time when an OC is ready
Simplified Armory: Group all similar events into one in Faction Armory
Modified Profile headings: Format Profile headings as [STATUS ICON] [USERNAME] [ID]

Privacy Policy:

Torn Tools
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