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One-click snapshot of millions of companies globally

The Tracxn extension is a must-have for anyone involved in the global startup ecosystem. A single click while you are visiting a company’s website instantly displays key information about that company, such as its primary business, funding and valuation, key people, competitors, investors, and latest news.

This powerful extension is light, fast, and really easy to use. To enhance user experience, we have ensured that information once loaded in the extension stays there even when you switch tabs.

Who is it for?
• Private Market Investors – VC, PE, IB, Incubators, Angel Networks, Family Offices
• Large Corporates – M&A, Innovation and Digital Transformation teams
• Government Agencies, Industry Bodies and Universities

What do you get?
• Single-click access to key company metrics including funding rounds, competitor benchmarking, captables and financials
• Instantly connect with the company’s founders
• Quickly understand the company’s business model using our proprietary Market Taxonomy
• Request for a Due Diligence report directly from the extension
• Get all the latest curated news on the company
• One-click access to a host of other data sets available on Tracxn’s platform

About Tracxn

At Tracxn, we are building the world’s largest platform for tracking Startups and Private Companies across 300+ Technology Sectors and 800+ Emerging Themes, with dedicated coverage on 30+ Countries. Tracxn currently has 6000+ subscribers in 40+ countries across the world.

Curated Data Sets:
• Proprietary Taxonomy
• Funding Round details
• Exits (IPOs and Mergers and Acquisitions)
• Cap Tables
• Financial Statements
• Analyst Picks & Proprietary Soonicorn Club
• Startup Ecosystem Events
• Employee Count
• People – Founders, Directors, Partners

In-depth Reports:
• 1000+ Reports published every Quarter
• Reports for 400+ Sectors, 1400+ Business Models, and 30+ Countries

Productivity Tools:
• CRM Tool – specific for investment industry
• API Support
• Saved Searches & Dashboards
• Export Tools

We collect data regarding the URLs you browse for following reasons:
• To provide you with the company’s funding information (the green $ sign that appears next to the extension icon)
• To provide you with the company’s details when you visit it’s ‘Android app’ page or ‘Twitter’ or ‘Linkedin’ profile

To explore the full potential of the Tracxn platform, visit

Tracxn Extension
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