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Trend Switcher Finder Pro for TradingView


For using this tool, you will need a licence of Jur’s Trend Switcher.

This TradingView indicator provides 3 Indicators in 1

1. Trend Switch
Jurs own Trend Algo identifies short term trend switches, long, short and ‘neutral´. Entry fires when trend reverses.

2.Squeeze Breakout
Be ready for when the market breaks out of ‘chop’ or channels. The squeeze breakout option sits waiting for a breakout and maximises your entry

3. Trend Jump
Trend continuation is provided by the Trend Jump entry. If trend doesnt change but shows signs of increasing strength, re-enter the trade and continue riding the trend.

You can purchase the indicator and join a warmly and helpful community of traders at discord:

You can also check successful traders using this indicator at

Our Strategy Finder Chrome Extension will allow you almost effortlessly to find the best settings for this indicator. Be sure to check our other extension for Profit Sniper.

Basic guide and tips:

Trend Switcher Finder Pro for TradingView
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