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Trends Everywhere – Never miss a trend


The easiest way for data driven people to track current internet trends.

Trends everywhere’s chrome extension adds a trends chart to every Google-search you make on the web, so you can keep track on trends and always be aware of new opportunities.

No matter if you are a VC, marketer, SEO expert, investor, CEO or a business student, it is really important to keep up with current internet trends. This extension is for you.

★ Compatibility ★

Works on Google Search and Duck Duck Go

★ Languages ★

Works on all languages, including Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Hebrew.

★ Your privacy is important to us ★

Your searches are always SSL-encrypted. We don’t save your searches or track the websites you visit. Also, we will never sell your data to advertisers or other third parties.

★ Learn more about Trends Everywhere ★

To learn more about us, please visit our website at

★ Permissions ★

Like any other extension we needs certain permissions to function properly:

“Hosts”: This permission allows us to add our beautiful chart into google page in many languages and regions.

“Tabs”: This permission is needed to get the content of the tab for adding our our beautiful chart into google search page.

Terms of Use:

Trends Everywhere – Never miss a trend
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