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Trudon is a codeless testing and monitoring solution that guards against software risks such as bugs and downtime.

Our Mission is to save Product Owners, Project Managers and Developers from the dread of testing and monitoring, by providing a strong but approachable alternative that simulates and validates real in-app customer experience workflows, with no special training required.

Scriptless testing
No need to learn how to code. Just press play and you get automated tests that scale to any resolution or platform!

Parallel test execution in the cloud
All tests run in the cloud, so no need for additional setup. We parallelize tests for optimal speed.

Screenshots and request history
Complete control over testing flows, with real screenshots and network requests always available.

Ensure vital site interactions, like signup, login or checkout flows work as intended, every time, and get alerted when they don’t.

How it works – Just three simple steps required to reduce risks by testing and monitoring anything that runs in a browser
1. Add Our Extension: Simply install the Trudon extension in your web browser. Yes, it’s that easy to call our superhero to your help.
2. Record in Your Browser: When activated, Trudon records all your interactions. You can now set expectations for your app’s behaviour.
3. Run Tests Continuously: Your recorded interactions and expectations are continuously checked in the cloud, giving you testing and monitoring all in one, complete with logging artefacts (requests and screenshots)

Trudon test recorder
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