Trustifi makes it easy for you to get the email protection and control you need with the ultimate add-in for Gmail, including alerts, traceability, monitoring and awareness, while being straightforward, transparent and simple enough to apply all this security at the click of a button.

• NSA-grade email encryption, plus full DLP with sophisticated rules engine to support any use case
• Secure mobile relay for full protection on any device
• Recall, block, modify and set expirations for already sent and delivered emails

Data Loss Prevention
• 100% compliant with HIPAA/ HITECH, PII, GDPR, FSA, FINRA, LGPD, CCPA and more
• Real-time knowledge about when emails have been received, opened and read with certified delivery and tracking
• Two-factor authentication on the recipient (even without registering)

Advanced Threat Protection
• Malware, ransomware, virus detection, BEC attack prevention
• Spoofing, phishing, fraud detection and spam filtering
• Whitelisting, blacklisting and many other configuration options

Productivity Focused Email Security Features
• Block emails for everyone or specific recipients
• Edit content after an encrypted email has been sent
• Add, edit, or delete attachments after an encrypted email has been sent
• Postmarked proof, track and see where emails are opened
• Provides visibility and rapid response into all email-based threats and attacks

How to get started:
1. Install the Trustifi add-in on your Gmail and Login
2. Sign up directly from the Addon or at to get your free plan
3. Verify your email address (by clicking on the link within the email we’ll send you)
4. When composing a new mail, open the Trustifi task pane (look for the Trustifi icon)
6. Add/Select recipients, choose protection methods from the task pane and click Apply.
7. Write your email, add any attachments (for extra privacy – add the attachments directly to the task pane), and send!
8. Comeback to a previously sent email, open the Trustifi task pane to view the email’s reports for Tracking, Controlling, Recall, Postmark, Encrypted Reply and more.

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