Ultimate SPOJ Rank Tracker


This extension has 2 options:
– displaying user rank in choosen contest
– comparing up to 5 users in choosen contests

The first one runs in the background and is updated every several minutes which you can set yourself (and defaults to 15 min).

The second one works when you click on extension’s logo. Then a small subpage with a textbox and a progressbar is displayed. You have to write in the textbox what users and contests you want to display and how often (in minutes) does the first feature should update.

You have to enter data in the following format:
Users are strings which consists of small letters, digits and and underscore (‘_’). Contests are strings from the following set: {SPOJ, SPOJPL, SPOJBR, SPOJAM, SHORTEN, CONSTANT, ALGOLIGA}. And the interfal is a positive integer smaller than 1441. As mentioned before, there can be at most 5 users.

Exemplary input:
kokosek cyclops francky;SPOJ SPOJPL SHORTEN;15

It means that there will be 3 users to compare and 3 contests. Rank of the first user in the first contest will be displayed in extension’s icon and will update every 15 minutes.

Please be aware that if you choose many users and contests, the table will take very long to load (that’s why I’ve added a progressbar).

As for ranks colors:
– black – if user is the leader in the contest (like black belt)
– green – top100
– orange – top1000
– red – worse than 1000 or user didn’t participate in the contest

Ultimate SPOJ Rank Tracker
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