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I really want you to be 100% happy with URLI, so if something isn’t working right, or if there’s anything you don’t like, please before leaving a low-rating/review, email me and give me a chance to fix it, and I promise I will. Developers do not get notifications when you leave a review or open a support issue. Thank you (times infinity!) for letting URLI play a small part in your Chrome experience!

URLI (“yur-lee”) increments URLs. For example, if the URL has a “page=1” in it or if there’s a Next [>] link on the page, URLI can get you to “page=2” quickly and conveniently.

– Auto Incrementing
– Download Incrementing [Experimental] (Requires Extra Permissions) **
– Increment [+] Decrement [-]
– Next [>] Prev [<]
– Chrome Shortcuts
– Internal Keyboard and Mouse Button Shortcuts (Requires Extra Permissions)
– "1 Click" Increment [+] Decrement [-] Button Extensions for Your Toolbar (Available on the Chrome Web Store)
– Error & Redirect Skipping: 404 Page Not Found, 3XX Redirects, 4XX Client Errors, 5XX Server Errors
– Options: Alphanumeric Incrementing, Change how URLI pre-selects the number to increment, Intervals, Leading Zeros… and more
– Safe, Open Source, Lightweight, No Ads, No Bloat, and Requires no permissions for most functionality

** Download Incrementing is an optional and experimental feature that is designed to be used with Auto to make a unique "Auto Incrementer Downloader." It's still very much in BETA. Thank you for being patient as this feature continues to be improved.

Special Thanks:
NickMWPrince and Gopi P. (AUTO Concept), Coolio Wolfus (Ver 1.X Testing), Eric C. (Alphanumeric Idea), and Adam C. & Will (Feedback)

… and most of all you for using URLI 🙂

URL Incrementer
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