Watch Netflix Together


Watch Netflix Together enables you to watch Netflix with your friends and loved ones online. Chat and emojis included! Your videos are synced automatically even when you switch videos while watching. Install the extension and start sharing moments together even when you’re thousands of miles apart.

We are continuously improving the extension based on user feedback, check out the changelog below:

30 August 2020, Version 1.2.2:
+ Have given the user the POWER to disable notifications.
+ Followers are now immediately synced to session owner on joining, and when the owner pauses, plays or seeks.
+ Improved UX of the peeking sidebar on the right edge of the window. Now when you hover over the right edge of the window the sidebar peeks then hides (vs some part of it lingering while you hover and potentially obstructing the Netflix UI). You can still activate the sidebar by clicking near the edge after the sidebar has peeked and hid.
+ Standardised font sizes on the pixel unit.
+ Fixed a UI bug that showed the new message alert even when you were very close to the most recent message.
+ Fixed a UI bug that hid headers in light mode.
+ Fixed a bug that resulted in failure to sync on transition to the next episode.

30 June 2020, Version 1.2.0:
+ Users can now specify and edit their own names
+ Before this, when you were watching by yourself, clicking on fullscreen can sometimes lead to accidentally activating the sidebar. We’ve now adjusted the hovering location so that this doesn’t happen.
+ Session info is displayed as the first message in Chat

16 May 2020, Version 1.1.3:
+ Dark mode has arrived. You can toggle between light and dark, whatever works for you 🙂
+ Improved syncing using server time and takes into account buffering when seeking
+ Clicking the extension icon now provides usage instructions
+ Notifications have arrived. You can now sit back and get messages from your friends and family without opening the sidebar

13 May 2020, Version 1.1.2:
Updated sidebar colour scheme for a more comfortable viewing experience. Updated and reorganised icons.

8 May 2020, Version 1.1.0:
Sessions are now unique on every creation. Once a session is ended by the person who created it, the session will end for everyone else.

5 May 2020, Version 1.0.0:
Chat and emojis introduced. Number of users in the session are now shown.

2 May 2020, Version 0.1.0:
General layout of the tooltip updated to increase user-friendliness.

29 Apr 2020, Version 0.0.1:
Minimal version prototype introduced. Users can create sessions and share the link with friends.

Watch Netflix Together
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