Watch Party


Watch Party syncs playback on streamed content.
Watch your favorites, with your favorite people.

Read below to see how to use, helpful links & more!

: : : : LINKS
See how to get started at
See tips & faq at
See all the features at
See latest changes:

: : : : HOW TO USE
(There is now a built in tutorial mode, it will launch on your first use)
1. Go to any supported website, click on the (WP) button in the bottom right of your screen
2. Create or Join a party
3. Start playing something – if you’re playing the same show as the party, sync will automatically work. Watch Party will not automatically change the show for you, but there’s a link up top to whatever is currently playing.
4. Pause or Play to sync with your party members.

: : : : FEATURES
~ Settings are available from the Create/Join screen or from the title panel. Click near your party name to see available settings and options.
Settings include:
– Leave / End party
– Auto-rejoin for party if you return to the page within 1 minute
– Auto-follow when the show changes (turn on in settings)
– Notifications for when side panel is hidden
– Admin only mode toggle
– Free group video and voice calls
– See who’s in the party
– Clear Party Name & Pin history (only from Create/Join page)

~ Video/Voice Call can be started by anyone in the party if the party is not in admin only mode. Click on the phone icon near your chat input to start a call.

~ Fullscreen Support can be enabled by clicking on the full screen button in the sidebar (next to the phone icon), this will let you have access to Watch Party while in fullscreen.

~ GIFs are available in plenty (no limits!) click on the GIF icon in the chat input field, use the chat input field to search for gifs

~ Reply To Message by hovering over a message and clicking on the icon that appear to the left of the message.

For support, feedback or any other comments reach us at [email protected]

Watch Party
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