We live in an age in which online distractions are everywhere. We all know there are much more important things than what your friend posted on their Facebook wall, but many lack the perseverance to stay focused on the tasks that matter.

Fear no longer! Watchful Protector is an extension designed to be your fellow warrior in the battle against procrastination. It lets you add sites to block and makes you set how much time you are allowed on those sites each day. Once the daily allotted time is used up, you will be blocked from each of those websites. What’s more, the extension records how much time you use each blocked website every day, and outputs data graphs so you could figure out which habits to work on stopping. Additionally, you may find hidden gems of inspiration scattered throughout the extension (to help you internalize what really matters).

It’s a smart extension. It knows you will try to remove blocked sites or increase how much time you are allowed each day, no matter how determined you are to stop initially. That is why it features security protocols to prevent changing settings. Different levels of security require different levels of challenges to pass in order to change the settings. They range in difficulty from annoying to extremely tedious (but always doable in case you must use a blocked site for some reason).

And as an incentive not to remove the extension all together, the beautiful statistics and graphs that the extension saves would be lost forever. You would not want to lose that precious data. Isn’t your goal to stop unnecessary procrastination anyway?!

Watchful Protector is your ticket to greater productivity. As good old Ben Franklin says, “Lost time is never found again.”

Lastly, to end with an ode to batman: “Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A WATCHFUL PROTECTOR. A dark knight.

Good luck with the battle!

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