Web Search Navigator


## Overview

Simple open source extension that adds keyboard shortcuts to Google search™ and
other websites.

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## Motivation

Google search™ used to provide experimental keyboard navigation, but it was
often broken (, and seems to have been removed as of
2017-07-31 ( In addition, I
wanted to add new keyboard shortcuts and the existing ones to be more vim like
(j/k for navigation).

## Keybindings

* `↓`/`j`: Select next search result
* `↑`/`k`: Select previous previous result
* `/`/`Escape`: Focus on input search box
* `Enter`/`Space`: Navigate to selected result
* `Ctrl+Enter`/`⌘+Enter`/`Ctrl+Space`: Open selected result in background tab
* `Ctrl+Shift+Enter`/`⌘+Shift+Enter`/`Ctrl+Shift+Space`: Open selected result in new window/tab
* `←`/`h`: Navigate to previous search result page
* `→`/`l`: Navigate to next search result page
* `a`/`s`: Navigate to All tab (= default search tab)
* `i`: Navigate to images tab
* `v`: Navigate to videos tab
* `m`: Navigate to maps tab
* `n`: Navigate to news tab
* `alt+s`: Navigate to shopping tab
* `b`: Navigate to books tab
* `alt+l`: Navigate to flights tab
* `f`: Navigate to financial tab
* `z h`: Filter results by past hour
* `z d`: Filter results by past 24 hours (day)
* `z w`: Filter results by past week
* `z m`: Filter results by past month
* `z y`: Filter results by past year
* `z z`: Turn off filter (show all results)
* `z t`: Toggle sort by date/relevance (only when filtering)

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Web Search Navigator
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