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Long: You are in middle of reading an interesting article on your desktop/laptop,
when your boss asks you to respond to an urgent matter. The article you were reading is lost
or you bookmark it for later usage. In a lot of cases, you simply do not read the article.

Imagine if you could audiomark it (you heard it right audiomark and not bookmark) and play the content as an audio file,
from the convenience of your smart phone.

Look no further, Webreads is the way to go. Now you can actually audiomark articles that you want to be read out to you.

Implement this in 4 simple steps.

1. Install the browser plugin from Chrome web store
2. Register with your details at
3. Download the WebReads app from Chrome web store
4. Simply click the “Audio” icon in your browser extension for all the pages you want to audio mark. The extension will ask for your user name that you used during registration,

Open up the mobile app and lo ! it will display all the content you had audiomarked, with a simple navigation to move back and forth
between the recordings. You can play, pause, rewind the audio – anything and everything that you would normally associate with an mp3/wav file.

The recordings are saved for _____ days.

Note: This application is still very much considered “beta”. Please send us suggestions, feedback, bugs to [email protected]

Would also really appreciate if you can provide words of encouragement.

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