Website Theme Manager


Website Theme Manager customizes a website(s) appearance; you can choose your desired style from website or write your own.

Note: “Website Theme Manager” Addon is NOT affiliated with website at all. But, users can choose desired styles available in and use them with this Addon.

Some features:
1. Enables you to easily manage (add, edit or remove) styles.
2. Enhances your browsing experience by allowing you to customize the way a website look.
3. By using custom styles (css) you can change colors, fonts, and almost all HTML contents within a page; meaning completely redesigning the entire page.
4. In order to add styles, there are two options available:
a. writing your custom style (css) or
b. adding it from site. Once you install the addon, please visit and find your desired theme, then click on “Add this Theme” (appears only after you install Website Theme Manager). The theme will be automatically added to the extension’s options page, where you can easily edit, remove or inactivate it.
5. Toolbar icon can easily enable or disable the extension.
6. An example of how to add a style is available in the options page (top section).

Note: in order to report Bugs, please visit add-on’s homepage ( and fill the Bug report form.

Website Theme Manager
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