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Keep your computer running quickly with the Workona Tab Suspender. You can choose to suspend tabs automatically or on demand with one click. Either way, you’ll dramatically reduce your browser’s memory usage. Now you can keep all your tabs open without getting slowed down.

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2/5/2021 UPDATE: Need to restore lost tabs from The Great Suspender?

Workona Tab Suspender will automatically repair any broken Great Suspender tabs we find in order to restore the tabs you lost when the extension was disabled.

Visit this article for instructions on how to restore these tabs:



Save memory
Dramatically reduce memory usage and keep your computer running quickly, just by adding the Workona Tab Suspender. Suspended tabs are just like normal tabs, except they don’t use memory.

Keep more tabs open
Tabs are where modern work gets done. Now you can work on multiple projects and keep those tabs open, all without impacting the performance of your computer.

Auto-suspend tabs
Choose automatic tab suspension based on how many active tabs you have or how much time has elapsed. You can rest easy knowing that suspension is working behind the scenes to free up resources.

Never lose tabs
Unlike other tab suspenders, you never have to worry about being locked into our system or losing your suspended tabs if you decide to stop using the Workona Tab Suspender.

From a company you can trust
More than 175,000 people trust Workona to keep their browser’s memory under control. Our company is venture-backed and built to last. Learn more at


We believe that great software shouldn’t come at a cost to privacy. Workona Tab Suspender does not store your browser data, use it for advertising, or share it with third parties. Your suspended tabs are 100% private to you, and we request the minimum permissions needed to suspend your tabs. If you ever have questions about Workona’s privacy practices, reach out to us at [email protected].


Feel free to contact support at [email protected] and we’ll reply as soon as possible.


By installing the extension, you agree to Workona’s Terms of Service ( and Privacy Policy (

Workona Tab Suspender
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