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What’s wrong with sticky notes? They get lost easily, for one thing. Oh, and you can’t copy-and-paste or edit them. We know they were once an office staple, but that was so yesterday.

As a modern alternative, we’ve combined the simple beauty of sticky notes with the power of the digital workspace. In Chrome’s new tab, you can create notes and to-do lists, and complete, prioritize, and edit them with the Wrike ToDo Chrome extension. Each note is a Wrike task, so if one line isn’t enough, just open it in Wrike.

You can benefit from this extension if you:
– Have a to-do, action, follow-up or just an interesting item to jot down
– Want to check your personal to-do list
– Feel like you’re always forgetting something

All you have to do is open a new tab, and your item is there. Write, read, cross out. No pencil required.

Additional benefits:
– The Wrike ToDo Extension is clean, simple, and really fast
– You can choose a background that matches your mood
– Notifications are viewable from Wrike
– You can build your personal productivity report or dashboard in Wrike
– You can tag tasks in Wrike and they’ll appear in the new tab

Note: A free or paid Wrike account is required to use Wrike ToDo.

Wrike ToDo list
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