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***This extension is no longer in active development. I do intend to come back to it at some point but I am very busy at the moment. Because of this the web server that host the list used for searching has been disabled so I have temporarily removed that feature from the extension.***

Adds features to xkcd comics. These include:

– Keyboard navigation (including arrow keys)
– Easy title text
– Better random comic selection
– A favourites list
– A search function (removed but will be added again later)
– A link to explain xkcd
more detail about each feature can be found below.

All features are toggle able through a pop-up settings page and all settings are synced across devices using chrome sync.

Keyboard shortcuts:
n -> next
p -> previous
r/space -> random
e -> go to explain xkcd
f -> add to favourites

Arrow key shortcuts:
right -> next
left -> previous
up -> random

Easy title text:
The title text that would normally be viewed by hovering over the comic is also displayed underneath for easy viewing.

Better random comic selection:
The random comic button will not take you to any of the last 1000 comics you have viewed on the device.

Favourites list:
All comics have a button added to add them to a list of favourite comics. This list can be viewed, accessed and edited in the pop-up.

Added links:
Options to make the pre existing URLs hyperlinks and add a link to explain xkcd and a 3D version (for comics before 880: Headache)

Transfer or backup settings, history and favourites with the import/export page.

For support contact me at [email protected]

Some features have been disabled on some of the interactive comics to prevent problems with the interaction.

xkcd Enhancer
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