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PNG to JPG Converter – YCT

PNG and JPG are very popular extensions for images. Both have their own importance in different fields of work. Both are required in our daily life. In many cases we require PNG as mandatory. But, in some other cases we require JPG as mandatory. YCT Solutions bring us their premium grade PNG to JPG converter to assist us in our work.

Furthermore, the converter comes in the form of a Chrome extension. So, we can convert any PNG to JPG right from the new tab of Google Chrome browser. Having this service as an extension gives us the advantage of low memory consumption. We don’t have to install software on our PC to use this service. All the conversion process takes place on the server. There is only one thing we need to do before we can use it i.e. to install the plugin to Chrome. Again, the installation is a one tap process. Just press the “Add to Chrome” button and you are ready to use it.

Moreover, the PNG to JPG converter takes care of the quality of the image while converting from PNG to JPG. Again, this PNG to JPG converter uses advanced data transmission technology to transfer your data to the server securely. Also, PNG to JPG converter ensures that your layout is preserved. The output JPG file inherits the exact view of the PNG file without losing any quality.

Salient features of PNG to JPG converter:

• One tap install
• Easy to use
• Secured
• Consistent
• Reliable
• Great compression efficiency

All these features make PNG to JPG a great tool for online conversion of documents. Furthermore, You Convert It pays high attention to the user data security. This is why they keep upgrading their transmission technology to the more secured ones, to protect user’s data.

Also, the uninstallation is as easy as the installation. You can even uninstall the extension at any time, if required.

YCT – PNG to JPG Converter
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