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Zeeker: On-site Discussions, Simplified


Instructions: Click the Zeeker icon on any webpage to rate and post comments about it.

Zeeker adds an extra layer of visibility to the internet and enhances your browsing in many ways. Here are some examples:

📺 Find the ratings and reviews of shows and movies on websites like Netflix & Hulu
🎤 Interact with other podcast listeners and discuss episodes on websites like iTunes
📰 Comment on news articles and blogs on websites like CNN & BBC
👟 Read unbiased product reviews and ratings that aren’t manipulated by the seller
💹 Discuss stocks and cryptocurrencies on websites like Yahoo Finance & CoinMarketCap

Zeeker is designed to be intuitive, safe, and run with minimum impact on your browser.

**A Note on Privacy**
Your privacy is very important to us. We do not collect your browsing data or history. All of your data (username, your comments, urls you commented on, saved discussions etc) is securely stored in the cloud on AWS.


We appreciate your feedback and thoughts on how Zeeker can be improved:

Privacy Policy:

Terms & Conditions:

Prefer using our webapp instead? Go to (works on mobile as well)

Made with ♥ in Chicago

Zeeker: On-site Discussions, Simplified
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