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Zillow to Excel


Use Zillow to Excel to automate your Zillow search experience. You can easy save search results to Excel spreadsheet in few seconds.

– Map highlights will show what regions where you already was
– Notifications will inform you when results are stored
– Automatically save all results

Got questions? Use contact form and we will help you.

# Changelog

## [1.0.1] – 2019.10.11
### Added
– column “Days on Zillow”. (Please note that in some cases it can’t find data or data will be different. It depends how Zillow website showing data inside Google Maps. Go into item details for correct information)

## [1.0.2] – 2020.10.05
### Bug Fix
We were able to identify and fix issue caused by Zillow data format changes.

## [1.0.3] – 2020.11.10
### Bug Fix & Changes
Due to Zillow website API changes we now gathering data from search results displayed on right side. This caused maximum 40 results per page (as compared to 500 before) but increased available information like if property has 3D model, broker name and few more.
NOTE: this extension is NOT scraping property owner/broker information like phone or email. You need to go deeper yourself to get contact details.

Zillow to Excel
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