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Security and privacy can be compromised when using the Zoom App. This extension acts as your assistant by detecting Zoom requests that attempt to link you to a meeting via the Zoom app. It simply redirects you to the web-based version of the Zoom call. This also eliminates the host’s ability to detect your focus on the meeting and view data on your device.

There is no reason to install the Zoom App when our simple extension gives you all these benefits

Your boss will no longer be able to detect if you’re a little preoccupied on Facebook or browsing personal sites whilst on a Zoom call

Existing security issues and future automated App updates will no longer be your concern (Forbes Quote: “Zoom Security Tip: Avoid The App”)

You’ll no longer need access passwords on a device to make or join a Zoom call.

It’s much faster to click a Zoom web link rather than be redirected and join the call via the Zoom App.

Privacy – the Zoom App views data on your device and collects information about you; who knows what future automated updates will view!

Our extension is constantly being developed with your privacy in mind. Download this extension and future updates will make sure you are protected.

v1.0.4 – Fix for URL format when joining certain meetings

Zoom Assistant
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