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Zoom Self Help Center by WalkMe

Need assistance setting up Zoom? WalkMe’s world renowned guidance solution will help you through any process on Zoom and will guide you step by step exactly with the instructions you need, when you need them.

Make Zoom simple and easy to use in seconds.
Initiate meetings, join a meeting you’ve been invited to, download Zoom for Desktop, add a virtual background, manage recordings and so much more.

WalkMe is a self-help guidance solution that assists users in real time with any complicated task. With WalkMe you can simply onboard and troubleshoot on Zoom’s website directly. WalkMe’s self-help widget will guide you through any difficult process and assist you to get where you need to go – fast.

WalkMe is a SaaS provider of guidance and automation tools. At these difficult times, WalkMe is here to provide assistance to people around the world who want to stay connected with their families and colleagues and even if their technological knowledge is limited. With WalkMe anything is simple and easy.

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