AMS Genie


Active management of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns can be extremely time-consuming for book publishers as AMS does not provide you with essential tools to do this effectively.

What is AMS Genie?

AMS Genie enhances AMS campaigns with important features including:

– Custom Date Range (say goodbye to the limited Lifetime data range, finally!)
– Downloadable Reports for Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products Campaign Performance.
– Keyword suggestions for your campaigns to find even the most specific terms to use in your AMS ads.

1. Custom Date Ranges Provide Day to Day Data

Imagine if you could only get data based on lifetime history? Unfortunately, this has been the case for many advertisers using AMS.

With AMS Genie you can set your own date ranges, allowing you to discover insights into how things are changing week-to-week or day-to-day for each AMS campaign.

2. Reports Provide Better Insight Into Campaign Performance

The new downloadable reports for Sponsored Products campaign performance include Search Term Report. It will show you actual search terms entered by shoppers searching on that resulted in at east one click. 

The report also includes KPIs that can let you take actionable insights from the data. It is extremely valuable, as you can see what searches are leading to conversions, which you can then target in any of your keyword campaigns.

3. Keyword suggestions

For every campaign you will see the suggestions based on the real customer searches. This might serve you as an additional tool to find the most relevant Amazon keywords for your books.

AMS Genie
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