Conveniently uncover profitable products and highly relevant keywords, all in real time.

The all-new BigTracker Extension is designed by BQool and delivers the convenience and simplicity of product and keyword research right into your Chrome Browser. With the integrated Product Research, Keyword Generator and Reverse ASIN functionality, sellers can effortlessly identify key metrics of profitable products and highlight relevant keywords that convert, all the while browsing on Amazon. The BigTracker Extension is the solution that will jump-start your journey to becoming an Amazon Top Seller.

☛ Product Research, Keyword Generator and Reverse tools are available for Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP.

BigTracker functionality includes:
★ View the Rich Metrics You Need with One Click
Get the real time product data on Amazon search result page:
✓ Historical Price and Sales Rank data
✓ Total reviews and rating
✓ Accurate sales and revenue estimates
✓ Estimated FBA fees
✓ Product Profit Calculator
✓ Frequency Word List
✓ and much more!

★ Get Insights from Amazon Search Term
Explore more profitable keyword opportunities from just searching on Amazon search bar with the help of BigTracker extension. BigTracker will assist you conduct product research or find high-volume keywords to increase organic traffic and skyrocket your sales.

★ Decode the Keyword Strategy of High Rank Product
BigTracker Reverse ASIN inspires your next keyword ideas and helps you discover the secret keyword strategy implemented on hot selling products. Pick an ASIN and Reverse ASIN tool can uncover its relevant keywords with search volume, organic and sponsored ranks and more.

★ Big Data Keyword Analytics
Identify Popular Keywords, Hot New Keywords and Seasonal Keywords based on the search volume trend. Understand the seasonal fluctuations in keyword and demand to take one step further to beat your competitors.

Sign up BigCentral on to get 14 day free trial for BigCentral software suite and the BigTracker Chrome extension.

Send an E-mail to [email protected] to help you get started.

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