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Please read the description carefully before installing:

This is a simple extension that displays the validation level, expiration and more info of the SSL / TLS server certificate of the website you visit to help determine the identity of the server.


1. Due to the limitation of Chrome’s extension API, the validation info is fetched and processed by our backend API, which only receives the hostname (not the full URL) you visit. Note that in TLS, hostnames are already sent in plaintext to the server because of SNI, regardless if you use this extension or not. For the same reason, the extension will only be able to display information of hosts available to connect from the public network.

2. This extension extracts certificate info and performs very basic validation, it should be used as a reference and shouldn’t be relied on for certificate validation.

3. Certificate data is cached for 5 minutes.

This extension is open-source (GPLv3):

Feel free to contribute or submit any feedback on GitHub.

Certificate Info
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