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Cookie Compliance Audit Tool


This extension will quickly assess whether a website is cookie compliant or not. The Cookie Compliance Audit Tool assesses if a website meets the necessary requirements for complying with current personal data regulations (ePrivacy and GDPR).

In the extension you can get information on the website’s data sharing; if it has a cookie consent pop-up; if you can say no to cookies (opt-out); if there is prior consent (are cookies held back before you give consent) and if the website has a cookie policy.

You can assess any website – including your own – to measure whether you meet the necessary requirements for being ePrivacy and GDPR compliant.
You can also download the results (pdf) and if you would like an in-depth report of your website’s cookie compliance, you can book a demo with us at Cookie Information.

This extension is aimed at website owners, DPO’s and companies legal departments. It is ment to provide a quick overview of your website’s GDPR cookie compliance – if you would like an in-depth report, please contact Cookie Information.

This compliance report is based on only 1 URL (index). This will in no way reflect the compliance level of the whole website. We suggest you to get a more in-depth compliance audit at

Cookie Compliance Audit Tool
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