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This extension is designed to block, spoof and obfuscate information that can be used to uniquely fingerprint your browser. While not as precise as cookies, browser fingerprinting is a powerful method to track your movements across the web and can be used to build a profile of your activity. This extension stops that by giving you a unique fingerprint on every web request beyond just changing the user-agent string.

When this extension is used in conjunction with CyDec Platform Anti-Fp or a valid license, additional options are available that allow you to finely tune your system fingerprint across 100+ different data points. Custom fingerprint profiles can be created and targeted on a per-browser and per-domain basis so that you can project the exact fingerprint you desire.

If you don’t use Windows or don’t want to run an external application, you can now create profiles using the online profile builder at (license required).

-Block, randomize or set
-Block, randomize or set
Client Rects
-Block or randomize
-Block or filter
-Block or spoof
-Block, spoof, or set
-Block, spoof or set
Hardware (battery, network info, memory, CPU, touch points, VR displays, gamepads, media devices)
-Block, randomize or set
-Block, randomize or set
-Block or set
Screen size
-Block, randomize, or set a specific size or offset of current size
-Block and spoof
Timezone and Date
-Block, randomize or set
-Block, randomize
-Block, randomize or set

More information can be found at

-Anti-Fp must be running or a valid license provided in order to access all available settings and options.
-Some sites may break due to the deception and blocking.

v1.2021.48.1841 (APP/EXT) (17 FEB 2021)
-ADDED (APP/EXT): Exposed setting to block or spoof eval.
-FIXED (EXT): Incorrect global override update for new favicon setting.
-FIXED (EXT): Font spoofing not set when generating profile.
-UPDATED (EXT): Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

v1.2021.44.2146 (APP) / v1.2021.44.1715 (EXT) (13 FEB 2021)
-ADDED (EXT): favicon tracking protection. (Make sure to update your saved profiles to enable this new protection.)
-ADDED (APP): Automatic lookup of latest browser versions.
-FIXED (EXT): Status icon not updating based on regex matching.
-UPDATED (ALL): Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

v1.2021.23.2055 (APP) / 1.2021.23.1601 (EXT) (23 JAN 2021)
-ADDED (APP): Installation option to install for current or all users.
-FIXED (APP): Time zone and language not being set in profile dropdowns.
-UPDATED (EXT): General bug fixes and enhancements.

v1.2020.359.2125 (APP/EXT/WEB) (24 DEC 2020)
-UPDATED: Enhanced anti-font fingerprinting (can now set Linux and Windows specific profiles).
-FIXED: Iframe spoofing issue.
-FIXED: ‘Use main domain’ settings bug.
-FIXED: Error generating profile with mobile selected on
-FIXED: Extension popup not displaying correct override values.

v1.2020.352.1515 (EXT)
-ADDED: WebGL vendor/render extension overrides.
-UPDATED: Minor UI tweaks.
-FIXED: Some settings not fully turned off from global or domain switches.

v1.2020.349.1710 (APP/EXT/WEB)
-ADDED: Ability to generate profiles.
-ADDED: Domain pattern matching.
-ADDED: Ability to sync fingerprints from to app.
-ADDED: Profile building wizard.
-ADDED: Built-in calendar and numbering system values.
-ADDED: Ability to set speech, media, gamepads, network, battery and VR devices.
-ADDED: Ability to spoof some web audio values.
-UPDATED: Extension UI updates.
-UPDATED: Expanded override options.
-UPDATED: Date and timezone calculations.
-UPDATED: Documentation.
-FIXED: Numerous bugs.
Release notes: While the list of changes is not that large, this version represents a major rewrite in both functionality and look. The extension has been redesigned and new capabilities added to provide better profile management. As always, please report all bugs to [email protected]

v1.2020.293.1530 (APP/EXT)
-ADDED: SpeechSynthesis spoofing.
-ADDED: Ability to toggle status of anti-anti-fingerprinting.
-ADDED: getClientRects blocking.
-ADDED: Ability to set multiple values for memory, threads and touchpoints.
-ADDED: Three built-in profiles to limit site breakage for new users.
-ADDED: More built-in user-agents.
-ADDED: Force sync button to refresh profiles.
-UPDATED: Public fingerprints with latest options.
-UPDATED: Changed random plugin generator output.
-UPDATED: Options page for better domain management.
-FIXED: Other minor bugs.

-UPDATED: Enhanced anti-anti-fingerprinting.
-UPDATED: Changed way that user-agent details are randomized.
-ADDED: CSS filtering of screen resolution leaks.
-ADDED: Math randomization.
-ADDED: Additional canvas and SVG spoofing.
-ADDED: Ability to sync timezone and language to IP address (currently uses for look-up).
-FIXED: Sub-domains using main domain settings.

-FIXED: Error handling bug that was causing some sites to break.

-ADDED: Fingerprinting detection counts
-UPDATED: Changed default getClientRects and audio to ‘SPOOF’ and fonts to ‘NONE’
-FIXED: sendBeacon/battery UI mixup
-FIXED: Anti-anti-fingerprinting bugs.

-ADDED: Alerts
-ADDED: Can now block Workers.
-ADDED: WebGL unmasked vendor and renderer can be specifically set.
-ADDED: Separated timezone name and timezone location.
-ADDED: Ability to sync your private profiles and tweak some values from the extension.
-UPDATED: Enhanced anti-anti-fingerprinting.
-UPDATED: Re-designed extension format and layout.
-UPDATED: Default settings when Anti-Fp is not running.
-UPDATED: Profile override is now globally persistent instead of just per-tab.
-FIXED: Issue with some global override settings not remembering values.

-FIXED: WebGL unmasked vendor and renderer now set to regular vendor and renderer values.
-FIXED: WebGL set offset values now produce more consistent result.

-FIXED: Issue causing some options to not set properly.

-ADDED: Screen size offsets of current resolution.
-ADDED: VRDisplay spoofing and blocking.
-ADDED: Gamepad spoofing and blocking.
-ADDED: sendBeacon blocking.
-ADDED: Geolocation spoofing, blocking and setting.
-ADDED: Media device spoofing.

CyDec Platform Anti-Fingerprinting
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