What is DemoOnFly ?
DemoOnFly is a simple Chrome extension, using which we can trigger demo for any FREE Odoo apps placed on ODOO STORE
In addition to it, you can also check demo of all the modules placed on WEBKUL STORE

Who can use this app ?
Anyone !!!
Customer or Developer who wants to check the flow of the app, before downloading or installing it on their server.

Purpose of this Chrome Extension ?
The purpose of this extension is to provide a better experience of all modules/apps to the Customer before using them.

How to use this extension ?

Goto ODOO APP STORE or WEBKUL STORE from your Chrome Browser.
Open any app/product page, and click on the DemoOnFly icon available on your Chrome Toolbar.
Follow the procedure displayed on it.

How it works ?
We are using our dedicated server and few technologies like Docker, RabbitMQ to serve you this experience. Whenever any demo request is received via this extension, we add it in RabbitMQ and build/setup corresponding demo of the requested app using Docker.

Is there any SignUp required or need to pay anything to use this Chrome Extension ?
No, you don`t need to pay anything. Even, No SignUp is required at this stage.

Is there any limitation(s) of this Chrome Extension ?

Demo will be created for limited time of period i.e 60 minutes. After this it will automatically destroyed.
This extension is not available on Chrome Web Store, and thus we need to install it manually.We can trigger demo of only those apps which are FREE of cost on Odoo Store i.e not supported for PAID Odoo apps. However, all the apps provided by WEBKUL supports this extension.

I hope it will help someone.

Your opinions, comments and suggestions are important to keep this extension updated and more usefull !!!

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