Free Password Manager & Authenticator & SSO


SAASPASS is a free Password manager & Authenticator 2FA code generator with autofill & autologin capabilities.

It is built with Security & Usability in mind.

The SAASPASS browser extension can autofill both your passwords AND authenticator codes enabling a smooth seamless experience and single sign-on SSO.

There is NO need for a desktop application with the SAASPASS browser extension.

The browser extension is protected by two-factor authentication by default and includes passwordless 2FA like scanning an encrypted barcode and push login approval.

The SAASPASS mobile app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The iPhone and iPad version is available here:

The Android version is available here:

You can access everything with copy/paste capabilities also from the SAASPASS web portal at:

The web portal is protected by multi-factor authentication by default and includes passwordless MFA like scanning an encrypted barcode and push login approval.


Features include:

Seamless sync between multiple devices

The SAASPASS Password Manager comes with over 100 thousand pre-configured websites and mobile apps

There is the Authenticator 2FA code generator for websites and mobile apps

The SAASPASS Security Scan identifies websites and apps that have Authenticator 2FA support, and also identifies Duplicate and Weak passwords

The extension has user initiated AutoFill & AutoLogin (prevents hijacking)

The Browser Extension addon is secured with passwordless 2FA

There is SSL Detection and the browser extension only Autofills HTTPS sites

The Browser Extension add-on comes with SSO & Copy to clipboard

The Web Portal Access comes with SSO & Copy to clipboard

The Web Portal is secured with passwordless 2FA

SAASPASS has multiple passwordless 2FA support that includes Scanning Encrypted Barcodes & Push Login

SAASPASS has Secure Notes

There is a Strong Password Generator in the browser extension and mobile app

SAASPASS comes with Multiple Device support and Device Management (including device removal)

Tablet support (including landscape view and split screen)

Offline support

Secure Backup & Restore options with SIM Swap prevention

Universal search is available in the mobile app, web portal and browser extension

Works on all platforms (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, iOS and Android etc.)

No need for a desktop application to be installed

Sharing of Passwords & Authenticator codes supported

Multiple App Lock protection options

Mobile AutoFill with App Lock protection

Password Manager, Authenticator & Secure Notes work with offline and online options

Jailbreak & Root detection

HOTP/TOTP support is adjustable and comes with support of 6,7 and 8 digit codes

The mobile app is available in over 30 languages

In addition to personal use, companies can also use SAASPASS for:

Multi-factor authentication (MFA),
Enterprise Password Manager,
Single Sign-on (SSO)
Shared Access Manager (Share passwords, emails, applications, Authenticator codes with teams and organizational units)
Access Control Policies
Adaptive Authentication
Privileged Access Manager (PAM)
Directory Services (including Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP)
Endpoint Access Protection (enforce MFA on computers)

Companies can sign up from the website.

Companies can integrate:
On-premise applications
Cloud applications
Hybrid applications

The Identity & Access Management (IAM) of SAASPASS can be used to integrate many business and productivity applications including email and collaboration suites

There is pre-built out-of-the box integration to over 100 THOUSAND applications.

Developers can integrate passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) services with ready code snippets in multiple languages and SDKs. More details on building two-factor authentication 2FA is available at:

For enterprise customers there is support for hard tokens with TOTP, HOTP & FIDO U2F format and USB based Yubico Yubikey OTP.

The mobile app has app protection that includes:
Biometric Authentication
Invisible Pattern
Scrambled Keypad
Fingerprint Authentication and Verification
Facial Authentication and Verification

Integrations of the Single Sign-on SSO solution include SAML, OIDC and secure web based form-filling.

Free Password Manager & Authenticator & SSO
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