Good Annotations, Screenshot Capture


Save time sharing and reviewing important stuff with Good Annotations for Chrome TM.

By adding our Screenshot Capture extension, it becomes really easy to create, annotate and share screenshots of your current web page – allowing you to seamlessly share reports, feedback, designs or anything else.

One click and we create a shareable link that can be sent to whoever needs to see your screenshot. Use our in browser tools to add annotations, text, arrows. mockups and much more to make your screenshots rich with content.

Why Edit & Share Screenshots?

Images and visual communication are everywhere. We use social media to share content, we use images in blogs, we prefer reports with visuals. It’s easier and faster to understand information in images. Good Annotations makes it faster to add important rich information to any screen grab that you take and then make it shareable.


Website Screen Grab

Instantly grab a screenshot of the current web page you are on. We will automatically upload this and create shareable links that you can send out. During upload you can edit add rich information to your screenshots with annotations, arrows, text and much more.

Editor Tools

Add annotations, arrows, text, borders/backgrounds and even device mockups to your screenshots with a few simple clicks.

– Annotation
– Arrows & Shapes
– Device Mockups (i.e. iPhone & Browser)
– Backgrounds (Color or Images)


Once your happy with your screenshot you can download the result or share via a link so that people can see it in our viewer (no need for them to have the extension installed!)

– Download (PNG or JPG)
– Compression
– High Quality
– Share via URL or Link

Context Menu

You can right click on any webpage or image to instantly share via Good Annotations.

Hot Keys

Ctrl + Shift + V = Capture visible area

Good Annotations, Screenshot Capture
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