What is GuildWallet?

GuildWallet is a browser extension that manages your cryptocurrency wallets, and allows for direct token transactions for payments, games, and more. GuildWallet is designed to make online token transactions a breeze, by simplifying and consolidating the process to a single browser extension.

Our goal at BitGuild is to create products and solutions that make crypto simple and accessible for everyone, and GuildWallet does just that: allows you to, in two steps or less, manage all your crypto assets and interact with dapps through a very user-friendly and sleek extension.

What does GuildWallet do?

GuildWallet will be a continuous project for us, with new features and functionality being added as we continue to work on it. In the current version, GuildWallet users have:
Full TRON and ETH wallet support
The ability to freeze TRX for energy and bandwidth
Stored permissions to simplify repeated transactions (great for games!)
The ability to set custom unique names for your wallets

Why did we build GuildWallet?

While both MetaMask and Treasure are very powerful tools, they were both born to serve a single blockchain, forever limiting their use and forcing users to install multiple wallet extensions to manage their entire token portfolio.
We saw an opportunity to make things easier by creating a wallet extension that has the capability to interface with several blockchains, all in one neat package!
This initial version of GuildWallet only supported the TRON network, with ETH later integrated in the version 3.0, as well as other blockchains being added soon.

How to use GuildWallet?
We’ve put together a very neat guide for installing and using GuildWallet, and you can check it out through this link.

GuildWallet 3.0 Features

1. Brand-new User Interface
2. Multi-chain Wallets management (TRON, ETH)
3. Mnemomic words support
4. ETH & All ERC20 tokens support
5. ETH Ropsten and Rinkeby testnet support
6. All ETH DApps supports

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