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Is It Cached?


You spend lots of time to optimize your infrastructure to make sure you servers respond with correct cache headers?

You use a CDN to speed-up your content delivery but you don’t know if it is really working?

This extension for the developer tools gives you an overview about all relevant request headers (method, if-modified-since, if-none-match) and response headers (cache-control, pragma, last-modified, etag) in one single table.

It also detects if elements are fetched through a CDN and shows you the cache status of the CDN (currently only Cloudflare is supported).

You find more information, explanation about the used colors and a changelog here:

new in version 0.8.1:
– support for edgecast (, thanks to Andrew White for the tip!

new in version 0.8:
– Switched to jQuery for better table customization.
– Table columns are now sortable.
– New column indicating the compression status.
– Tooltip with more detailed information for compression status, CDN header, and content type.
– Matched if-modified-since/last-modified and if-none-match/etag are now beeing highlighted.

new in version 0.6:
– first public release

Is It Cached?
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