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An extension to fill random test data in forms. Test data is filled while being context sensitive. This is helpful when you need to test your application involving forms and ideally would like real-world data when submitting forms to your application.

Source code:

Release 1.15
+ PR #5: @ArroWsGM

Release 1.14
+ Moving codebase to ES6
+ PR #3 : @disrupticons

Release 1.13
+ Accessing all input types

Release 1.12
+ Added ngReflect attribute reader

Release 1.11
+ Added year handler
+ Added phone number / cell phone number handler
+ Prepend protocol to domain handler

Release 1.10
+ Made events invoked by Simulant.js as default

Release 1.9
+ Added option to configure if the underlying app is a react + material UI based app
+ Handles correct events before and after filling values

Release 1.8
+ Fixed bug which caused app to break since bootstrap.js included in extension was conflicting with the extension in your app.

Release 1.7
+ Changes to settings page
+ New app icon

Release 1.6
+ Upgrade chance.js to v0.8.
+ Setting default value to .word instead of .sentence
+ Edited extension description
+ Removed footer label
+ organization as a key for CompanyMatcher

Release 1.5
+ Firing blur event along with change for angular apps which bind data on blur

Release 1.4
+ Preference to configure a fixed test CC number instead of generating randomly
+ Form filler now uses [id] attribute strategy for filling text values

Release 1.3
+ Fixed issue that was causing loremfill to populate tabs on multiple open windows when used with k/b shortcut

Release 1.2
+ Performance improvements

Release 1.1
+ Filling values to input elements trigger a change event post filling. Fixes issue with Angular/Backbone apps that rely on change events for binding data.

Release 1.0
+ Supporting angular applications using ng-model attribute
+ Supporting [type=’url’] fields

Lorem Fill
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