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This extension mines the launchpad bug search results and re-renders them as a table to allow much easier visual processing. This approach has limitations (see below)


* renders data as a table, offering sorting by multiple columns with shift-click (note limitations below)
* provides a narrowing function where you can enter multiple search terms to reduce the visible data.
* renders whichever fields you have configured to be visible in the standard LP view.
* provides a button to toggle between standard (data soup) and table view
* hides the right panel to give more usable width for bug data
* alters the layout of the advanced search box to use less vertical space
* shrinks the formatting of the time fields (e.g. creation time)
* gives special highlighting to official bug tags


Since it is just a re-rendering of the data it has some limitations. Sorting or narrowing the table by clicking the column titles only affects the currently visible data. If your bug query has <75 results this is not an issue; otherwise, to change the primary sort you should toggle back to the standard soup view, choose your sort, and return to the table view.

When you hit next/prev to get more bugs, you need to manually revert to the table view to refresh the data.

To report issues or obtain the source code, visit

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