New Tab Studio: Countdown, Habit, Background


New Tab Studio is a very powerful application to change your new tab. You can make its design ABSOLUTELY ANY with our widgets to boost your productivity!

Replace and customize your New Tab page with this dashboard extension (countdown, clocks, quotes, images, texts, etc.). It will help you to focus and be productive with your main goal or event / deadline. Eliminate distractions and beat procrastination with a reminder of your goal or event on every new tab.

Available widgets:

0) Habit tracker
1) 2 Clocks, Date widget, Analog clock
2) Countdown
3) CountUp
4) Text
5) Quotes
6) Image
7) Workspace switcher
8) Bookmarks
9) Search bar
10) Top sites
11) Todo list
12) Notes
13) Weather
14) Powerful background selector (use one of our background collection, our upload your photos, or use a solid color)
15) Link
16) Google sites
17) Figure (Rectangle / Line)
18) IFrame – Currency converter, Stock prices, Stock quote, Chess puzzle, Interesting fact, Dictionary (Google translate), News, Trello, Asana, Jira, Reddit, Google Calendar, News, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia random article, Instagram in a new tab!

Ways you can use it:

0) Beautiful customizable theme with autochanging backgrounds
1) Set your everyday habit and track your progress
2) Add clock, text, quotes, image widget
3) Add any count of todo lists
4) Add bookmarks
5) Change the position, style, and size of the widgets – make your own, unique design, that will inspire you in every replaced new tab
6) Holiday countdown (birthday, Christmas, new year, Halloween, Thanksgiving day)
7) Event countdown (wedding, meeting, release, movie release)
8) Deadline countdown
9) Goal countdown
10) Important day countdown
11) Setting any wallpaper (HD, small, GIF), as you want in different modes
12) Show/hide countdown timer, writing some inspiration quotes
13) Dark theme
14) Kanban Board

Just upload an image, that you like, set header and date, drag and drop your widgets 🙂


Release features:

v. 3.3.20:
– IFrame in a new tab – Currency converter, Stock prices, Stock quote, Chess puzzle, Interesting fact, Dictionary (Google translate), News, Trello, Asana, Jira, Reddit, Google Calendar, News, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia random article, Instagram in a new tab!

v. 3.3.19:
– Added Thanksgiving day wallpapers

v. 3.3.10:
– UX imrpovements
– Analog clock timezones

v. 3.3.9:
– New & amazing fonts

v. 3.3.8:
– Analog clock
– Countdown repeat
– Workday countdown

v. 3.3.6:
– My gallery. History of liked photos

v. 3.3.3:
– Drag tasks between todo lists (Like in kanban board)
– Undo button

v. 3.2.9:
– New logo

v. 3.2.8:
– Shadow render speed

v. 3.2.6:
– Added demo video

v. 3.2.5:
– Top sites widget – add big icons
– Upload multiple photos
– Slideshow of uploaded photos
– Fix crash bug
– Dialogs redesign
– Hide edit panel after reload

v. 3.2.4:
– Many performance improvements (render time, use webp, countdown refactoring, etc)
– Rectangle / Line widget
– Search gifs images
– Bookmarks widget
– Google links widget
– Redesign of the background collections (also added the space collections)
– Added second to the clock widget
– Ability to hide the text in Top Sites widget
– More soft text shadow
– Rectangle image resize

v. 3.2.3:
– Added Habit tracker widget
– Disabled spell checker for todo and notes

v. 3.2.2:
– Fix the weather input of city name
– Fix the search bar input of placeholder
– Social sharing for quotes, wallpapers
– Quotes improvement: pin quotes, manually switch to the next quote
– Install wallpapers from the theme market

v. 3.2.1:
– Theme market
– Dropdown widget menu
– Toolbox redesign
– Clone widget
– Search bar

v. 3.2.0:
– Responsive layout
– Beautiful predefined themes

v. 3.1.2:
– Weather widget
– Workspaces widget

v. 3.1.0:
– Notes widget
– Tutorial
– The new title of the application (New Tab Studio)

v. 3.0.9:
– Todo list
– Bookmarks

v. 3.0.8:
– Background rating (backgrounds is more beautiful now)

v. 3.0.4:
– Flip clock widget

v. 3.0.1:
– Like/dislike pictures
– Draggable top sites

v. 3.0.0:
– Text widget
– Clock widget
– Ability to change the style and position of the widget
– Image widget
– New material design
– Custom intervals for random backgrounds

v. 2.0.8:
– social sharing

v. 2.0.0:
– installation wizard
– random backgrounds
– random backgrounds by categories (city, trip, nature, beach, work, auto, holiday, animals, woman, man, people, architecture, texture, spirituality, experimental)
– color background
– Chinese version
– Image search optimization

v. 1.3.4:
– autodetect fullscreen or default mode by the image size
– save small images to localStorage

v. 1.3.3:
– i18n
– Russian translate

v. 1.3.2:
– pagination for image search

v. 1.3.1:
– upload large image files

v. 1.2.9:
– fullscreen add text shadow option
– image search by unsplash service

v. 1.2.8:
– fullscreen mode without image fix
– remove predefined events

v. 1.2.7:
– fullscreen text color

v. 1.2.6:
– top sites bar

v. 1.2.5:
– fix fullscreen font styles

v. 1.2.4:
– first, try of fullscreen mode (only white text)

v. 1.2.3:
– typo fix

v. 1.2.2:
– Upload image via URL
– Remove image from settings

v. 1.2.1:
– Some users couldn’t change deadline (bugfix)

v. 1.2.0:
– Uninstall page

v. 1.1.9:
– Possibility to hide an image
– Possibility to hide header
– Possibility to hide the timer
– Settings button moved to right top

New Tab Studio: Countdown, Habit, Background
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