Features include:

• Dark Mode
– Lower contrast theme that’s easy on the eyes.

• Improved translations
– Known mistranslations (e.g. “Back Rack Fales”) are replaced.

• Improved match/show formatting, whenever possible:
– Dates, venues, and opponents reformatted for clarity.

• Schedule dates displayed in local time when possible

• Icons to clarify type of content
– Championship
– Tournament Final
– Opening
– Comments/Press Conference

• Hide Spoilers
– Option to blur images on pages most likely to include spoilers.

• Merge Events
– Option to consolidate shows available in multiple languages.

• Hide Non-wrestling Content
– Option to hide press conferences, pre/post game shows, contract signings.

• Mark as Watched
– Keep track of your viewing.

• Resume Watching
– Continue watching videos right where you left off.

• Advanced Video Controls
– Skip forward and back buttons w/customizable intervals
– Playback speed menu for slo-mo or speed-watching

• My Ratings
– Rate Series, Events, and Videos you’ve watched

• My Bookmarks and Playlist
– Save bookmarks to Series and Events
– Add videos to your Playlist

• Synchronized Watch Party
– Start a party to watch synchronized video with friends.
– Party members are kept within 1 second of each other.
– Use or hide the fully-featured chat during the party

• Fully-featured Chat Room for Live Events
– Chat with other users during live events

• Settings saved in the cloud
– Settings synced on all your devices using NJPWext
– No personally identifiable information is ever saved
– No tracking scripts of any kind

The NJPW Lion Mark, logos, and all related likenesses are the exclusive property of New Japan Wrestling Co., Ltd. This product is not affiliated with and makes no claims to their copyrighted work.

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