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it’s required for subscription extensions two things:
1) Google account logged on Chrome Web browser
2) Grant permission to the extension to check it’s own Chrome Webstore License
The well known and acclaimed OmegaSkipper extension for Omegle, now on Subscription mode.
It does and will always do everything that final pro version of OmegaSkipper does.

OmegaSkipper is well tunned and does a lot for you on Omegle.
And more, do you remember our most wanted features?

IPGeolocation -> Where the stranger is typing from.
Blacklist the stranger -> autoskip the annoying stranger you’ve blacklisted.
Chat history -> you know what you have typed before to the same stranger.
SmartMuteUnmute -> Keeps stranger muted, then unmute him when you want to chat with him.
SPAM filter -> you can set phrases to autoskip the stranger.
HiPhrase Delay Time -> A human-like behaviour for your greeting phrase.

Thanks for reading until here and feel free to contact us whenever you feel to.

Lets go! 🙂

Privacy Policy:
We don’t collect nor handle any personal user data.
Any personal data is handled by Google alone for authentication purposes.

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