One Task


You have a lot of shit to do.
A daily To Do list that’s 11+ items long.

You get distracted. The phone rings. Someone interrupts with a question.
Another task.

So you jump from one thing to the next.

Nothing gets done.
Or not nearly as fast as it should

What good is that To Do List doing you?

Your task management needs to be simple.
One thing at a time.

You focus. Get it done. Move on.

Hell you probably already know that doing ONE thing at at time is the best way to cross things off your list. (or maybe ya don’t. Check out what Forbes and Life Hacker have to say.)

Easy to say. Not easy to do.

You see us easily distra— AH SQUIRREL — ted
people need something to keep us on task.

The looming of an eminently close deadline (bet ya work like your pants are on fire)
The excitement of a new deal
A Big payoff around the corner
But how do you do it day in day out?

When you don’t have a fire under your ass?
When Facebook, Reddit and Techcruch call…
When there are SOOO many distractions around.

You need an easy way to focus. An Easy reminder of what needs to be done.

Manageable. Quick. Simple.

That’s what One Task is…

A chrome extension that replaces your new tab screen.
It asks you : What’s the ONE thing you’re going to do today?

And displays
Did you do: (insert your goal here)

To get it visit:

One Task
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