PrettyMerch for Merch by Amazon™


PrettyMerch is #1 most downloaded and top-rated extension for Merch by Amazon Sellers.

✔ Beautiful dashboard to monitor your most important metrics
✔ Real-time notifications for new sales with the most satisfying “Ka-Ching”
✔ Detailed analytics for your sales, all the way back to day 1
✔ Powerful Product Manager to easily filter and sort your products

PrettyMerch provides you with a complete toolkit of features, right in your Merch by Amazon account, helping you save time and sell more products.

🖥 Dashboard
▸ Todays sales; See a list of products sold together with a thumbnail to help recognise the product
▸ It updates “as you sell” and notifies you of new sales with an iconic “Ka-Ching” sound, even if the browser is closed
▸ Products are shown in the order in which they sold (most recent at the top)
▸ List of the Top 10 Best Sellers by units and royalties in the last 30 days
▸ Summary of you sales for Today, Yesterday, Week, Month and Previous Month
▸ All Time Sales; so you know when you’re eligible for a tier up
▸ Chart of sales for the last 8 days
▸ Shirts which are in under review or in processing
▸ Total designs rejected, so can keep an eye on it
▸ Your Tier, upload limits and shirts uploaded

🥼 Product Manager
▸ View ALL your product details, even the details that Amazon doesn’t show
▸ Bulk Edit; perfect for updating prices on multiple products
▸ Bulk Delete; perfect for clearing your catalogue from old/removed products
▸ Filter and search based on:
▸ Title, Brand, Bullets, Description and ASIN
▸ Reviews
▸ Availability (if a product is buyable or not)
▸ Total Units Sold, Royalties and Date of Last Sale
▸ Date Created and Last Updated
▸ Price
▸ Days until Removal
▸ + more

📈 Analytics
▸ Get detailed analytics of your sales for any time period for any marketplace
▸ Charts by day/month
▸ Best selling products
▸ Best days/months,
▸ Averages per day/month,
▸ Product performance,
▸ List of items sold which you can filter, sort and search
▸ Probably the most detailed sales analytics you can get for Merch

🔔 Notifications
▸ Notification when you’re logged out
▸ Notification Merch by Amazon posts a new message
▸ Notification when you’re tiered up
▸ Notification when your earnings have been poste

🔃 Auto Re-Login
▸ Keeps you logged in to your account continuously. No more getting logged out every hour

➕ More:
▸ View royalties on the charts
▸ Click on any bar on the chart to view sales
▸ Click on any of the sales widgets to view the sales for that period
▸ View detailed analytics for your sales, such as the top selling product types, fit types and colors

PrettyMerch for Merch by Amazon™
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