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Rust Search Extension


A handy browser extension to search Rust docs and crates, etc in the address bar.

– Search Primitive Types and Modules
– Search Structs, Traits and Enums
– Search Functions, Methods and Macros
– Search builtin attributes
– Search crates on or
– Search crate’s docs on
– Search Compiler Error Index with error codes
– Search Rust official book chapters
– Search Cargo Clippy lints
– Search nightly docs
– Offline mode, search local Rust docs (rustup docs –std)
– Builtin commands (:yet, :book, :stable, :book, :label, :tool and :history etc)
– enhancements (display Feature flags)
– Github rust-lang release page enhancements (show table of content)
– enhancements (link all “since” and “issue” label)

Should you have any feedback or suggestion, please send your message to [email protected]. We love users like you!

Rust Search Extension
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