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Lead generation extension to help you get more value from your social networks.

Linkedin automation tool to help you grow and automate human actions.

With this tool you will be able to automate your social networks tasks, you can visit profiles, send them a direct message or auto-endorse their skills

You will be able also to download all this information to store it by you

With your lead generation will growth 10x

Download it and try it and get back to us for anything you need

Visit profiles automatically, create engagement with your prospects

Using sales navigator you can perform targeted searches and work sinergically with to visit them , endorse their profiles and grow your profile.

While you install you accept some permissions, here we explain the use of them:

Chrome Tabs permissions : We use that basically to detect while you are on Linkedin and refresh the page if needed for the correct execution of the extension
Chrome Storage : We save in local storage user non personal data, like actions, message text or invite message
Chrome Unlimited Storage : We use that to avoid the 5mb limit on the Storage as it is needed to save the list of url’s that you can upload to Upload Csv’s feature of the extension.
Access to Linkedin webpage in order to be able to execute the script and run the extension.
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