SendPulse Gmail Extension


🔥Simple way to import contacts from your Gmail inbox to SendPulse lists for free

If you are a SendPulse user with a Gmail account, don’t waste time on creating lists manually or uploading them into SendPulse via copy-paste.
Introducing Gmail to SendPulse Chrome extension – add new users to your SendPulse lists with one click.

🤖 How exactly does it work?

Install the extension into Chrome;
Log into your SendPulse account;
Open account settings and click on the API tab;
Activate the REST API button to generate unique credentials;
Copy these credentials and log with them into your installed extension on your gmail;
Select one or several emails or contacts;
Click on the extension button and choose the list for import;
Add first name and last name if necessary;
Import person’s name from Facebook;

🎉 Voila! All of the chosen items are now in your SendPulse list.

Is this useful for you? Yes! If you are:
– a sales person for inbound sales management, following up, segmenting;
– a business owner with tons of emails to be sent;
– a marketer to manage all the clients base to work with;
– a freelancer to stay in touch with all of your clients and prospects;
– a person with too many friends and relatives to send holidays congrats and parties invites;
– an HR or recruiter to have all of candidates in one place for a quick reach out.
– a manager to send out informative letters to all the employees;
– an events and holidays coordinator to stay in touch with your team and sponsors;
– looking for a job, this extension can help you send more letters to more companies with less efforts.

Gmail to SendPulse is a great alternative to CRMs. There are many competitive and awesome CRM solutions on the market, but why pay more, if you can use our extension? 🙂

Our extension can import person’s name from Facebook if his email is connected with his Facebook page.
You can search for one person’s name by pressing the FB button near the contact’s email on the adding email page. Or you can make a multiple search for all the contacts chosen by pressing the Fetch from facebook button in the right hand corner.

If there are no matches, you will still need to add names manually.


📆[Fri Aug 30]

✉️ The critical bug with Unexpected end of JSON input has been fixed.

Thank you for helping us make our SendPulse Gmail Gadget better! Feel free to send us screenshots or crash logs.

❤️ SendPulse Gmail Gadget Team


SendPulse Gmail Extension
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