Sendspark Video and Screen Recorder


Easily record & share professional-looking videos updates, pitches, presentations, and demos.

Perfect for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success: you can use Sendspark to engage customers, collaborate with team members, and connect with anyone online.

→ Enhance marketing newsletters, automated email sequences, & quick personal messages
→ Build personal relationships with customers
→ Show your product in action
→ Drive more engagement and conversions
→ Increase customer delight and retention

Sendspark makes video messaging easy. Install now to share personalized video emails & messages without any video experience or expensive equipment. Free for 30 videos.


Key Features:

📹 Record videos
→ Record personalized video messages
→ Record your screen
→ Request videos from others with a quick-share link

🎨 Customize videos
→ Make professional-looking video landing pages
→ Personalize video thumbnails to pop in email
→ Add your customer’s name & logo

🚀 Convert with video CTAs
→ Add a call-to-action below your video
→ Reply with video

💌 Share via email or anywhere
→ Embed videos in email
→ Embed videos in website or blog pages
→ Copy & paste video URL anywhere on the web

🤓 Collaborate with your team
→ Edit videos together
→ Share videos in team folders
→ Request videos from coworkers

📊 Track engagement & conversions
→ Track video clicks, plays, & CTA conversions
→ Real-time notifications (coming soon)


Plans & Pricing

⭐️ Free Forever
→ All features included
→ Make up to 30 videos

⭐️ Sendspark Pro ($15 / user / month)
→ Unlimited videos
→ Remove Sendspark Branding (coming soon)
→ Download videos (coming soon)


Marketers love Sendspark:

“We’ve doubled our email open rate from 40% to 80% using Sendspark in our email sequences.” – Aazar Shad, Head of Growth at Userpilot

“Not only does Sendspark increase our email engagement and conversion rates, but it also allows us to build more personal relationships with students.” – Sarah Mellor, Director of Marketing & Admissions at Codeup

“A board member replied to our video newsletter to say it’s the smartest thing he’s ever seen a nonprofit do.” – CJ Craig, VP of Marketing at Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas


Check us out:

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Sendspark Video and Screen Recorder
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