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Ship.Cars Load Board Extension | Ship.Cars

If you are an auto-transportation carrier, Ship.Cars Load Board Extension is the best way to import your Central Dispatch car shipping orders into your Ship.Cars account.

If you are a shipper/broker, by downloading the Ship.Cars Loadboard Extension you’ll be able to decrease the amount of time it takes for carriers to claim your loads. Ship.Cars Loadboard Extension will allow you to post your loads to the Ship.Cars Market load board, in addition to Central Dispatch, all right from your existing jTracker account.

In other words.. you can move your loads faster, without any disruption to your existing workflow.

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Why should you import your Central Dispatch orders into Ship.Cars?

1) Easy, one-click order importing. No more file saving and downloading, no manual importing, no time wasting
2) Imported orders are now fully prepared to be assigned to your drivers
3) Instant electronic paperwork generation (Invoicing, customer signed BOLs, geotagged vehicle pictures)
4) Automatically update the broker/shipper with the order status. No more phone calls, no manual emails
5) Automatically email the broker/shipper all necessary paperwork. Keep everyone in the loop
6) Once the driver delivers the orders, Instantly bill your brokers/shippers. Speed up your payments, don’t spend time on collecting paperwork to get paid

1) Click on ‘Add To Chrome’

1) Log into your Central Dispatch account
2) Go to ‘Find Shipments’ >> ‘Dispatched To Me’
3) Click the green ‘Import to Ship.Cars’ button to import the respective order
4) Log into your Ship.Cars account if prompted
5) In Ship.Cars, find the ‘Broker’ section and add the brokers’ email
6) Assign a driver
7) Repeat 2) thru 6) for all of your orders

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Ship.Cars Loadboard Extension
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