ShortTabs, have your Google Chrome browsing in one tab!

Tired of having multiple tabs open on your Google Chrome consuming your computer memory? It is now possible to unite all tabs in one, using ShortTabs you will be able to better organize your browsing and save RAM memory on your computer.

Everytime you get lost having lots of open tabs at once, clique on our extension icon that all of them will be grouped in one tab, allowing you the possibility to access, at any time, all the websites you were visiting previously, thanks to the fact that every link will be stored on your computer and even if you turn it off, they will remain there.

ShortTabs not only helps you save all your open tabs, but it also saves your computer’s RAM memory. We all know that one of the biggest memory consumer is Google Chrome, keeping all your tabs into a single one will make possible gain a lot of performance on your computer, so that you may be able to use it with games, movies, or other apps as you may see fit.

If you’re not used to keep many open tabs on your browser, and yet keep losing URLs that you might have needed later, ShortTabs will also help you as it organizes your browsing tabs more neatly, intuitively and simply.

Free to use
Integration to browser
Easy to use
Helps you save RAM memory
Organizes your browsing experience

Try it out, now, it’s free!

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