Sims 4 Backgrounds & New Tab


We can’t get enough of our amazing software Sims 4, hope you do too… Get ready to enjoy a vast world of best quality themes and other advanced features!
We want you to fully enjoy our Sims 4 extension’s functions, that’s why you’ll notice the reshape in the layout and options of your new tab page. That is needed so you can enjoy the full shortcuts to our functions and updated.
Hey, we just wanted to say thanks for joining and hope you find the Sims 4 extension wonderful!
-Uninstall of Sims 4-
for a fast uninstall of this add on, go to the add on page on your browser’s settings. Select the unwanted add on and send it to the trash bin bin.
We are really proud of our Sims 4 background and new tab extension, cause it’s not just another background extension, it’s so much else than that…
Try out the local clock, the costume search bar you can search right from, rotating Sims 4 backgrounds collection, first-rate games and so much else.

For all help and info regarding the Sims 4 extension – please get in touch with us by private memo and tell us all about your trouble/question/review.

Sims 4 Backgrounds & New Tab
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