Smartproxy Extension


Are you ready to set up proxies easily? The best proxy extension is about to hit up your browser with millions of residential IP addresses from real desktop and mobile devices.

“Tap-dancing Jesus, Batman, we’ll never catch this Smartproxy extension-using mo-fo!”
— every IP tracker ever, most likely.

What’s in it for you?
-Hop on any website like you’re half a world away and see how it geo-targets content, localizes ads, and fails to see your real IP.
-Want to verify local SEO performance? Pick a location and start testing.
-Want to do website QA for a project in India? Pick ‘India’ from the list, and you’re all set.
-Content unavailable in your country? Get this extension, and you’ll be the globalest global citizen on the globe.
-Tired of sites tracking your IP address? Get a new one for every connection request. That’ll show ‘em.

Wish you had some quality in your proxyless life? Get premium residential proxies with the Smartproxy Chrome extension and start livin! Unlimited threads. Unlimited tabs. All proxy.

Just a heads up, this beauty doesn’t work with datacenter proxies. Sorry, bro.

You better be a Smartproxy customer to get most of this slick new way to set up residential proxies on Chrome with a single click. Yes, we mean it – just click ON.

Wicked features:
-Runs millions of IPs globally on our residential proxy network.
-Change IP address for every connection request (if you need advanced rotation) or lets you get sticky with the same IP for up to 10 minutes.
-Works in your country.
-Allows targeting 8 major cities and 50 US states.
-High anonymity – no proxy information in the request header.

Note: enter your proxy user credentials to connect with the extension.

Get your best proxies here:

Smartproxy Extension
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